Help Restore Life to Boy Elijah

As Elijah Onyekachukwu Bright made his way through the street in June, a car lost control and smashed into the 10-year-old boy.

Sympathisers gathered round to help the crying boy back on his feet, but one leg gave way under him and he sank back to the ground. At the hospital, doctors and x-rays gave a heartbreaking verdict: the the leg that took the impact was broken.

Instead of the needed POP, all that the family has been able to afford is the bandage. Bright needs between N400,000 to N600,000 to reset the bones and regain the use of the two legs, not counting secondary expenses.

Where would the money come from?

The boy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bright Azogbuo, cannot just muster the financial muscle to do the needful. His mum does petty trading in a tray, while his father operates an okada, making just enough to keep hunger from overwhelming the family of six.

Since that fateful day of 29th June at Durodola Street, Idi-Araba, Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State, the boy has lost schooling days, missed his promotion exams and the sordid story just goes on and on.

But you can give the boy’s story a happy ending and rekindle his faith in humanity.

They need help. Mother is reachable through phone number 08025614718 and, also, at their residence, 11 Oyekanmi Street at Idi-Araba.

Donations can be sent to Elijah’s mum’s account number:

Azogbuo Ngozi Goodness @ Ecobank 2941124343:

May the Almighty bless you as you help save Elijah’s leg.