From Grass to Grace: Idere Celebrates Prof. Adebayo Oni’s Academic Triumph

In a jubilant celebration that resonated through the heart of Idereland, the Idere Descendants’ Vanguard (IDV) came together to honour the newly appointed Professor Adebayo Olusoji Oni, for his exceptional achievement in the field of Ruminant Nutrition.

The atmosphere at Femadex Royal Gardens on December 16, 2023, was filled with pride as the community, friends, families, and distinguished guests gathered to applaud the 51-year-old academic.

Rising Against Odds: A Remarkable Journey

PLATFORM TIMES reports that Professor Adebayo Olusoji Oni’s ascent to the pinnacle of academia is a testament to determination and resilience.

Hailing from the family of Chief and Mrs. Abolade Oni of Balogun Agbosoye in Idere, Ibarapa Central Local Government Areas of Oyo State, his journey reflects a triumph over humble beginnings.

The IDV President, Dr. Eyitayo Olabisi Olagbenro, commended Prof. Oni for overcoming challenges that could have deterred his progress.

A Proud Homecoming

The homecoming reception served as a fitting tribute to Prof. Oni’s recent appointment as a full Professor at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

The Onidere of Idere Land, HRM. Oba (Rev’d.) Kingsley O. A. Oyelami, graced the occasion alongside other dignitaries, including the Asiwaju of Idere Land, Dr. Olusola Ayandele, and the lawmaker representing Ibarapa Central/North Federal Constituency, Dr. Adebayo Anthony Adepoju.

Words of Wisdom, Encouragement

In his congratulatory speech, Dr. Olagbenro highlighted the significance of Prof. Oni’s success as an embodiment of the “grass to grace” narrative.

He urged attendees to draw inspiration from the professor’s journey, emphasising the importance of determination and willpower in achieving one’s goals.

The IDV President’s words echoed a commitment to celebrating excellence within the community and fostering an environment that encourages personal and communal growth.

A Call To Community Development

The event became a platform for not only celebrating academic accomplishments but also for inspiring the younger generation.

Dr. Olagbenro’s call to “develop yourself, develop your community” resonated throughout the gathering, reinforcing the idea that individual success contributes to the collective advancement of Idere Land.

Looking to the Future

As the festivities concluded, the IDV expressed its determination to continue recognizing and honoring indigenes who excel in their respective fields.

The promise of future programs dedicated to community contributors further underscored the organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of achievement and development within Idere Land.

…Prof. Oni Advocates Adequate Funding For Sustainable University Education

In a stirring call to action, Professor Oni, a distinguished scholar in Ruminant Animal Nutrition, emphasized the urgent need for substantial funding in Nigerian University Education.

This rallying cry was echoed during a Community Reception held in his honour by the sons and daughters of Idere in the Ibarapa Central Local Government area of Oyo State.

Professor Oni asserted that the gross underfunding of universities in Nigeria is a critical issue, adversely affecting teaching, learning, and research within these academic institutions.

At the heart of his concerns lie the persistent challenges of inadequate funding, frequent strikes, a lack of essential equipment, and other factors contributing to the alarming brain drain experienced in public universities across the country.

As the former chairman of the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU), Oni illuminated the multifaceted nature of the challenges plaguing the education sector.

He pinpointed issues such as unconducive learning environments, the imperative need for university autonomy, and several other critical matters that demand immediate attention to foster the growth of university education.

“Brain drain in our university system is caused by several factors such as inadequate funding, non-conducive learning and teaching environment, and some other issues, and these need to be corrected,” he emphasised.

The professor called upon the government, especially at the federal level, to swiftly address the situation, underscoring their pivotal role in nation-building.

Addressing the challenges of attaining a professorship, Oni acknowledged the arduous journey but stressed its intrinsic value.

As the first Professor in Idere Community, he expressed optimism that this achievement would serve as motivation for others to strive for excellence in their pursuits.

Furthermore, he assured the community of ongoing efforts to give back and contribute to its growth.

Adding depth to the discourse, Professor Lateef Oladimeji Sanni, the Keynote speaker at the event, focused on the vital role of youth in nation-building.

In his lecture titled “Youth and Nation Building,” Professor Sanni called upon the government to incorporate the youth into national planning, recognizing them as valuable assets and an indispensable force across various sectors, including entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, creative arts, social activism, education, and sports.

The occasion was graced by numerous dignitaries, including leaders from ASUU at all levels, union leaders, political figures, community leaders, and religious leaders.

The distinguished lawmaker representing Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North Federal Constituency, Adebayo Adepoju, lauded the celebrant for bringing pride to the constituency.

As the special guest of honour at Prof. Oni’s reception, he expressed his prayers for continued prosperity in the constituency, Oyo State, and Nigeria.

Hon. Adepoju congratulated Prof. Oni, emphasizing the significance of being the first Professor in Idere Community.

He joyfully identified with Prof. Adebayo, the Onidere of Idere, whom he reverently described as his father and celebrated the achievement as a momentous milestone for Idere and Nigeria.

“This well-deserved recognition is a testament to Professor Oni’s hard work and dedication, and we are honored to be part of this celebration.

“May this achievement mark the beginning of more positive developments for Idere, Ibarapa, and Nigeria as a whole,” he remarked.

Chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), including Elder Olanrele Kolawole Salako (Great Mother) and Hon. Remi Ayoade, accompanied the lawmaker to the community reception.

The event drew a diverse crowd, including professors, academics, traditional rulers, community members, and dignitaries from various walks of life, underlining the widespread significance of Prof. Adebayo Oni’s accomplishments.

PLATFORM TIMES observed that in celebrating Professor Oni, Idere has not only acknowledged academic excellence but has also sent a powerful message to its youth: that with determination, hard work, and community support, one can rise from humble beginnings to achieve great heights.