Don’t Confront Cultists Alone If You Are Not ‘loaded’, FPRO Warns

The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has cautioned against confronting cultists alone, unless adequately prepared.

He said this while responding to a question from an X user, #clinty_bee, on how to handle threats from a cultist.

“If a cultist threatens to collect my phone, what should I do?” he asked the FPRO.

Responding to the question, Adejobi wrote: “You need to be sure he’s a cultist. How do you know that? Anyway, don’t single-handedly fight or tackle a cultist if you are not ‘loaded.’ it’s not too safe. You can report him or form a group to kick against him and his group.

“But you must be ready to be consistent, firm, and steadfast. You can’t sit on the fence.”