Deputy Speaker Resigns from Office for Medical Reasons, Replacement Takes Over

The Deputy Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Enema Paul, has resigned from his position, citing failing health as reason.

He tendered his resignation letter during a plenary session on Thursday, praising Governor Yahaya Bello for his support and expressing gratitude to the Assembly for their prayers and assistance.

Rt. Hon. Paul revealed that his health issues began in 2021, and with Governor Bello’s approval, he travelled abroad for treatment and surgery.

However, the illness persisted, and he felt increasingly weak.

Despite on-going treatment at a foreign hospital, Paul felt the need to prioritize his health and focus on recovery.

Therefore, he requested permission from the Assembly to travel abroad for a year for further medical attention and submitted his resignation letter, which was subsequently accepted.

Following Paul’s resignation, the House Clerk, Mr. Chogudo Sule Ahmed, called for nominations for a new Deputy Speaker.

Hon. Abu Jibrin, representing the Ajaokuta Constituency, nominated Hon. Ojoma Comfort Nwuchiola from Ibaji Constituency, seconded by Hon. Seyi Bello from Kabba/Bunu.

Hon. Nwuchiola was subsequently sworn in as the new deputy speaker by the House Clerk.