Tinubu Should Restructure Nigeria, Says 97-Year-Old Fasoranti

Reuben Fasoranti, the national leader of the Pan Yorùbá Socio-Political Group, stated that many Nigerians, both old and young, do not see the current situation of their country as the dream.

Pa Fasoranti, who was 97 years old, chatted with reporters at his country house in Akure, the capital of the Ondo state.

According to him, “I feel fulfilled at 97.  I have seen it all; I’ve seen the worst and the best. I lost my wife; I lost my daughter; she was shot dead, but generally, I have to thank God for everything.

“This is not the Nigeria of my dream, no. Things are getting worse, and we only hope those we are leaving behind will try and do their best because what we are seeing now is not good for the country at all.

“My expectations from the incoming government are many, but I want the government to give priority to unemployment and insecurity. People are not gainfully employed and getting worse every day, and I hope the government will try to look into it and the security of the land.

“The government should also look into the restructuring of the country, and I hope the new president will do it.