Sanwo-Olu, Hamzat, NASS Members, Others Hold Special Prayers for Tinubu, Nigeria

Governor Sanwo-Olu, his deputy Dr. Olufemi Hamzat, Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Mudasiru Obasa; Head of Service, Olabode Agoro and other top government officials yesterday attended a combined special prayer session for Nigeria and President Tinubu in commemoration of the Easter and Ramadan at Lagos House, Ikeja.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the prayer session, Sanwo-Olu urged Nigerians and Christians in particular to reflect on the sacrifice and love that Jesus Christ showed to mankind through His crucifixion and resurrection.

He asked Lagos residents to be peaceful and keep the peace and tranquility that Lagos was known for.

The governor particularly appreciated Lagosians for their patience and understanding, saying: “I believe it has been a worthy journey for all our Christian brothers and sisters who have been fasting to ask for the strengthening of our state and country.

“And coincidentally, we are in the 19th day of Ramadan as well. So, everything around prayers and supplication is working very well.

“My wish is for all of us to enjoy the season. We need to be as peaceful as we have always been, do things in moderation, and ensure that we keep the peace and tranquility that Lagos is known for.

“This is also a time for us to thank Lagosians for their patience and understanding of all the various verticals of interventions that we have put forward in the areas of health, public transportation, food and food security.

“We are bringing out solutions that can ease the economic pressure that we see in the country. There is nothing that is difficult that stays forever. At the national level, we can see that the Naira is becoming stronger.

“We can even see from the new policies that the Central Bank is bringing out, Naira savings are now the order of the day. So, you should be happy as Nigerians holding on to the Naira currency, which will improve our exchange of value.

“These are some of the messages we need to take forward, and this needs to reflect in our market. Naira is getting stronger and better. It needs to reflect in the cost of goods.

“People cannot continue to give reasons while the dollar went up, and now that it is coming down, it also needs to reflect in the cost of rice, beans, and tomatoes, and that is the message for all of us, because we want to be our brothers keepers. We want to ensure we put an end to the suffering.

“We want to thank Mr. President for taking up the leadership and working with all the sub-nationals and for taking the leadership and believing in his government. We have begun to see the benefits of it.”

During the combined special prayers, attended by present and former public office holders, political, traditional, and religious leaders, Christian and Muslim clerics in their respective sermons and prayers, charged Nigerians to be prayerful and serve God faithfully.