Pan-Yoruba Groups Praise Reno Omokri on 50th Birthday

The O’odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) and the Alliance for Yoruba Democratic Movements, (AYDM) have on Monday described Reno Omokri as a huge asset to the Oduduwa greater heritage.

In a statement on Monday, ONAC, a coalition of several pan-Yoruba and Itsekiri groups and AYDM, an alliance of 132 community-based groups in the South-West said the former Special Assistant to former President Goodluck Jonathan remained an icon that was worthy of emulation.

“We join millions of Yoruba and Itsekiri people all over the world to celebrate Mr Omokri. At 50, he displays the wisdom of a sage in his writings and contributions to the political history of O’odua Nation” the statement signed by ONAC and AYDM officials Chief Atobatele Ajayi and Oritsegbemi Afolabi stated.

ONAC and AYDM said among the younger generation, Omokri was one of the most resourceful and most talented individuals that promoted the history and civilisations of Oduduwa heritage.

“Any attack on Omokri is an attack on the rest of us. We stand with him shoulder-to-shoulder in line with the age-long blood bound relationship between Itsekiri and Yoruba people all over the world”, the groups said, adding that Omokri dedicated his time and energy to the promotion of the best Omoluabi values.

“He has become an authority on providing the often buried archaeological link between the past and the present Yoruba and Itsekiri political and economic history. He spends his time educating ignorant and self serving intellectuals whose pastime is devoted to the destruction and desecration of anything relating to Oduduwa,” the groups stated.

The groups said Omokri had become a subject of scorn among people determined to destroy time-honoured Yoruba and Itsekiri values to the extent that rulers of darkness continued to threaten and harass him in his foreign base.

The groups said: “Your medium has broken frontiers of rock. You have become a window for mass education for our people. You are an albatross to our sworn enemies. We celebrate your 50th birthday with you. We commend your hard work and commitment. We admire your courage and the risks you take in the defence and promotion of our values. We look forward to your day of honour in your Oduduwa fatherland.”