Osun Assembly Backs Digital Economy Through PPPs

The Osun State House of Assembly has affirmed its unwavering dedication to boostering the growth of the digital economy within the state through the facilitation of strong Public-Private Partnerships.

This commitment aims to propel technological advancement and innovation to new heights.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Innovation, Science, and Technology, Adewumi Adeyemi, on Sunday, made this known in Osun.

Adeyemi underscored the pivotal role that PPPs played in amalgamating expertise, financial resources, and technological infrastructure to foster an environment conducive to sustainable digital progress.

He highlighted that these collaborative endeavours had the potential to nurture emerging start-ups, amplify the growth trajectory of existing businesses, and fortify Osun State’s overall digital infrastructure.

“The digital economy is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity for any region aspiring to remain competitive in the modern world. Osun State has immense potential in this realm, and by fostering strong public-private partnerships, we can harness this potential for the benefit of our citizens,” Adeyemi said.

He added: “The digital economy is a cornerstone of modern societies, and Osun State is no exception. To fully harness its potential, we must embrace PPPs as a strategic tool for progress”

Adeyemi also stressed the importance of erecting a regulatory framework that nurtures innovation while safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.