Kano State Bans Movies Promoting Crossdressing, Thuggery

The Kano State government has implemented a ban on movies that depict or endorse crossdressing and thuggery, as announced by the Kano State Film Censorship Board.

The directive, issued during a meeting with Kannywood management and stakeholders, aims to address public concerns regarding the potential promotion of criminal activities and inappropriate behaviour, particularly among young people.

Abba El-Mustapha, the executive secretary of the board, emphasized the need to uphold cultural values and societal norms, stating that films that undermined these principles would not be tolerated.

In a statement released by the board’s spokesman, Abdullahi Sani Sulaiman, it was emphasised that the decision to prohibit such films was made in response to growing apprehensions within the community.

“It is high time to fish out any film that may demoralize our customs, norms, and values in the name of reaching popularity, viewers, or business-making”, El-Mustapha stated, adding that the move reflected the state’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and safeguarding the moral fabric of the society.

This decision comes amidst broader discussions regarding crossdressing in Nigeria, with the Nigeria Police Force recently clarifying that cross-dressing was not a criminal offence under the Nigerian law.

However, Kano State’s stance underscores its determination to regulate the content disseminated through its film industry, prioritizing preservation of traditional values and ethics.