Five Fun Things You Can Do in Ibadan During Festivities

It’s about three months to the new year, and you can still enjoy every bit. The best part is that if you’re in Ibadan, there are fun activities to enjoy till the year ends.

Unlike the notion that the city of Ibadan has nothing more than Amala and brown roofs to offer, there are fun things this city has in stock for you.

If you’re a lover of art, then visiting an art gallery is a good bet. At an affordable price of ₦500 or more, you get to behold beautiful works of art.


Pizza, burgers, indigenous meals and many others that you prefer. There are restaurants and good food places in Ibadan.

Dance classes

Different dance classes happen occasionally in Ibadan, some for free, others at a pretty affordable price where you can dance salsa, etc.

The zoo

You could switch things up by going to see animals. One such place that makes this possible is the University of Ibadan.


You can organize picnics in people-friendly places at pretty affordable prices. There are popular spots where you can organize a picnic that suits your plans, e.g., colour-themed, movie-themed picnic, etc.

History and Culture

If you love history, culture and things related, there are a few spots in Ibadan that you could visit, and you’ll surely have a good time.

What are other fun activities in Ibadan that you also know of?