Declare August 20 Public Holiday, Traditionalists Urge Tinubu

Ijo Orunmila Adulawo Kaakiri Agbaye on Monday appealed to the federal and state governments to declare August 20 as public holiday in recognition of Isese Day.

Olori Oluwo and Asaaju ijo Orunmila, Ifagbemi Adedotun Fajobi, who made the declaration at the monthly meeting of the group in Lagos on Monday, urged governments to consider public holiday for traditionalists to celebrate as being done for the celebrations of Christians and Muslims.

“We appeal to the federal and state governments to declare every August 20 as public holiday for us also. That is a day that every traditionalist prays in their homes, makes sacrifices, propitiations and consultations throughout the country. There is a need for a public holiday for this so that we can have more time to pray and make effective use of the day,” Olori Oluwo Fajobi said.

He said, “As we congratulate the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for his victory in the February election and eventual assumption of office as the President, Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, we are also assuring him of our continuous support and prayer to succeed and steer the ship of this country to the promised land.”

The group also commended Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun and his Osun State counterpart, Senator Ademola Adeleke for setting the pace as far as declaring Isese Day as public holiday in their states was concerned.

“We are also using this opportunity to commend Governors of Ogun and Osun states for setting the pace of declaring public holiday for the traditionalists in their states, just as we are appealing to other states to emulate the two states.

“More importantly, whenever the date falls on Sunday, we also appeal that they observe the holiday the following day as being done for Moslems and Christians celebrations.

“Also, we beseech other religion practitioners to eschew violence, whenever there is argument, government should rise to the occasion and settle such rancour, no matter how close we may be, there are bounds to be fight and misunderstanding, but with love and perseverance, we shall settle amicably and continue to live in peace”, Oluwo said.

He also advised the co-traditionalists to celebrate peacefully anytime they are celebrating and avoid being confrontational.

“Do not disturb others or attack others when celebrating. We are calling the same God, it’s only the way we call ours is different. We are one, we should love one another

“We also rejoice with our fellow traditional worshippers for this year’s celebration. We shall all be alive to celebrate many more on earth. Ase”, the Oluwo prayed.