Prof. Wole Soyinka

APC = PDP = LP = ANPP. Soyinka deserves more awards.

By Wale Adeoye.
June 8, 2024

There is nothing like “APC ruling Nigeria.” We like to deceive ourselves in this country and we lie without shame. Nigeria is ruled by a spineless, heartless, corrupt, inept and irresponsible ruling class that uses different political fronts, APC,PDP, LP, ANPP to deceive and delude the people.

Unfortunately, there are millions of ignorant people who hold on to fleeting illusion. Tinubu was in AC, then ACN and then APC which is a product of factions of PDP, ANPP, APGA, Labour Party and Congress for Progressive Change.

Both Tinubu, Atiku and Obi are the same. They are the same in form and content. Obi is like Buhari that we thought would change Nigeria and if he didn’t become President we would have thought Buhari would be the best President in Nigeria.

What would Obi do to change the Northern hegemony? What plan for ethnic self determination? What plan for restructuring the military?. What plan for the economy?

He is at present running after Atiku again..

What are his ideas, his background, his antecedents in the revolutionary history of Nigeria, absolutely nothing. YES. NOTHING. Obi was not known in students, labour or any radical history. That is the truth, the bitter pill people are not courageous enough to swallow

If Tony Nwaezeigwe is contesting for Nigerian President, I will vote for him instead of Obi that came from nowhere

I can point to Tony’s life long struggle for justice and the agony he has endured.

Obi is just a billionair e who wants to rule Nigeria for his real party, the PDP which is the same with APÇ–They are the same people.

If Obi is serious, let him carry Tinubu coffin and lead rallies like Soyinka did enduring tear gas and bullets.Obi is not ready to lead the opposition that is why even during NLC rallies,he would run away. When PDP was in power, Tinubu and co organised mass rallies which they led. Why is Obi always talking like a woman, not ready to make any sacrifices and he wants to rule Nigeria.

Look, in terms of sacrifices against injustice, Tinubu with all his shortcomings stand higher than Obi. Tinubu attended rallies, organised underground resistance against Abacha and he was almost killed. He also organise resistance against Jonathan and Obasanjo. Let Obi lead the opposition in Nigeria if he is truly a figher. I hate false narratives and I hate pretenders.

We are told of Fulani domination, but Obi-s Vice Presidential candidate is Fulani?

Soyinka has been fighting since he was 21 years. He spent almost 28 months in solitary confinement during Biafra campaign. Some of these people who write have never participated in any demonstration against injustice in their lifetime not to talk of being detained. They think the only way Soyinka can be their hero is for him to start attacking Tinubu.

He needs not to do that. Let those who hate Tinubu do what Soyinka did in his 20s.At 90, why must he spend his whole lifetime fighting for you or me?

What is our own generation doing? How many of us even have time to attend meetings to plan for change?

We are simply not a serious people that is why we are expecting a 90 year old man to be fighting for us eventhough he is nursing cancer, and his current agony, no one cares about the pain he has endured for 70 years of his lifetime, fighting and running away from state actors ready to kill him.

I will join groups ready to give Soyinka more awards for his heroic past, present and future. May God bless and honour him.