Help! Fagba now a rendezvous for vagrants

Fagba, a neighbourhood in Agege area of Lagos State which experienced violence and extensive property destruction during the Endsars crisis, is gradually transforming into a slum and becoming a hiding place for trouble makers.

Many of these trouble makers, who are not only outsiders, but also are also of no permanent address, have set up shops, kiosks to display their goods on the streets.

Despite the repeated demolition efforts by the state environmental department, these trouble makers keep returning, even in larger numbers, once the dust from each demolition settles.

Not only have they taken over a significant portion of the road leading to the largest abbatoir and lairage in the state, they have also been dumping their garbage on the newly constructed rail line which will serve the Red line, once its station in the area is completed.

The presence of these trouble makers not only poses a security threat to the lives and properties of the residents, but also endangers the commuters who will eventually use the Red line train.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu must urgently find a permanent solution to this persistent problem in order to rid Lagos of these undesirable elements who have transformed the “Centre of Excellence” into a kind of ghetto.